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08:50-09:00 | Opening Ceremony and Introduction
Title: Psychological impact of COVID-19 on public safety personnel
Title: Improving the decision-making for measures in a future pandemic
Title: Coping with public anxiety aroused by Infodemics: Reflections and recommendations
Title: Psychological and psychosocial determinants of COVID health related behaviours (COHeRe): An evidence and gap map
Title: Anxiety and first practicums: Teaching techniques to improve nursing students first clinical experiences
Title: Association of macro and micro nutrient intake with depression and anxiety symptoms among adolescent boys and girls (13-15 years) studying in public schools of Delhi
Title: Awareness towards urinary schistosomiasis and its relation with active infection among primary school students in North Kordofan State, Sudan 2022
Title: Implementation of ABCDEF care bundle in the intensive care units of private tertiary hospitals: A cross sectional study
Title: The effectiveness of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programme for parents of children with ADHD: A feasibility study
Title: Effects of mindfulness based interventions on depression in pregnant women: A systematic review and meta analysis
Title: The effect of COVID-19 on primary healthcare nurses’ job satisfaction and their turnover intention in Singapore
Title: Predictors of parenting stress among mothers raising children with ASD in the Sultanate of Oman: Mediating role of self-compassion
Title: Predictors the factors of getting lost behavior in dementia persons: Family caregivers' perspectives
Title: Literature review of physical health for people with schizophrenia
Eriko Mizuno, Japan Yasuko Koyan, Japan Nana Jiang, China Xiaohuan Qin, China Irene Harrison, New Zealand Ma?gorzata Szczuko, Poland Takako Negishi, Japan Sayaka Kon, Japan

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