Best presentation awards

The whole process of finalizing the best presenters in the oral and poster category happens to be in a very balanced way with a handful of engagement of all the keynote speakers in the decision-making. Certain parameters are listed down on which the presenters are evaluated for being chosen as the best in their individual category.

For Posters

Ø  Importance of the presentation paper

Ø  The Uniqueness of the work

Ø  The ability of the presenter to explain the work

Ø  Poster Organization and Design

Ø  The ability to handle the questionnaires

For Oral

Ø  Importance of the presentation paper

Ø  Purpose communicated clearly

Ø  Organized and easy to follow

Ø  Presenter exhibited a good understanding of the topic

Ø  The presenter spoke clearly/effectively

Ø  Slides enhanced presentation

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