ü  Keep the number of slides to a minimum and follow the assigned presentation slots. Please stop when signaled to do so by the Chair.

ü  Users of Windows/PC should ensure compatibility of their presentation with the MAC system used at the lectern.

ü  Personal laptops should not be used unless under unavoidable conditions.

ü  No videos will be recorded.

ü  Question periods, thanks, and acknowledgment of the speakers will take place during the session or after the completion of the session, so please stay until the session ends.

ü  Presentation format: PPT.doc or PPT.docx.

ü  MAC-compatible presentation.

ü  Please take steps to compress any videos.

ü  Each slide should be concise, uncluttered, and readable from a distance; include only keywords and phrases for visual reinforcement. Avoid lengthy text.

ü  The total time allotted to each featured speaker is 25 minutes. You should plan to speak for 22 minutes and leave 3 min. for questions.

ü  Keynote speaker will have, 35 minutes in total, and they should plan to speak for about 30 minutes, leaving 5 min. for questions.

ü  The time allotted to young researchers is 15 minutes, including 2 min. for questions.

ü  Basic AV setup will be provided: laser pointer, cordless mike, desktop mike, and basic sound system.

ü  If you have any audio/video to be played, they should be checked in with the AV team 24 hours before your presentation.

ü  Upload your presentation at least 3 days before traveling to the conference venue.

ü  It is mandatory to submit the presentation slides at least 3-days before the conference start date.

ü  Use the email address you've provided when submitting your abstract and follow the instructions on the screen to upload your presentation slides (file size should be less than 8 MB).

ü  You can also email the presentation slides to the designated conference email ID at least 3-days before the conference start date.

ü  All presentations will be pre-checked and loaded into your session room laptop (Mac) in a folder with day 1 or 2, or 3 with presentation timings.

ü  Bring a copy of your presentation slides on a clean memory stick for backup purposes.

ü  All the presentations will be permanently deleted at the end of every session.

ü  Poster will be displayed on one side of a tack board. The recommended poster size is 1 meter x 1 meter.

ü  A poster board number cut-out will be provided and must be visible at all times. The poster board number assigned to the poster must be placed in the upper left-hand corner of the display.

ü  Be sure to include the presentation title, author and co-author names, e-mail address, phone, and the institution(s).

ü  It is recommended that you hand-carry your poster to the conference, using tubular packaging or a portfolio case. Pushpins or thumbtacks will be provided to mount your poster.

ü  The designated poster presenter (author or co-author) must be present at the assigned space during the designated time to discuss the work presented.

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