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Pre-conference programme

We are excited to announce an interesting programme of pre-conferences on Wednesday, March 12, 2025. If you would like to attend a pre-conference, registration is required. Pre-conferences can be booked when registering for the main conference. If you are already registered, you can add a pre-conference to your registration by emailing your preferred pre-conference to finance@cienciemeetings.com. You will receive an adjusted invoice by email.

Pre-conferences are offered with lunch (grab-and-go lunch boxes) as moments for networking and getting together. Lunch is between 12:30 – 13:30 Rome time. All pre-conferences are held at the same venue. 

Nursing Education 2025

In 2025, nursing education and practice will be marked by significant advancements and transformations. Educational institutions will increasingly integrate technology, including virtual reality and simulation, to enhance experiential learning and clinical skills. Emphasis on interprofessional collaboration will prepare nurses to work effectively within diverse healthcare teams. The curriculum will prioritize evidence-based practice, cultural competence, and patient-centered care, ensuring nurses are equipped to meet the needs of varied populations.


In practice, nurses will adopt advanced roles, leveraging telehealth and informatics to provide care across different settings. Leadership and advocacy will be crucial, with nurses influencing healthcare policies and reforms. Continuing professional development will be essential, with lifelong learning pathways supporting nurses in adapting to evolving healthcare landscapes. Overall, the integration of innovative education methods and advanced practice models will ensure nurses are prepared to deliver high-quality, compassionate, and equitable care in a dynamic global health environment.

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